Matimaa Suraksha Parisad



Weekly Meeting of Our Women Groups

 Building technical skills for women to participate in collective enterprise 


Sustainable Agriculture 

Widening livelihood options in both farm and non-farm sectors is one of the key strategies .



Land development

Registered under S.R.Act 1860

PR no-7654-71 of 2015-16

                                            Our Motto
A world without poverty, patriarchy and injustice          
Dailibati,charisri, puri​


Building sustainable women-only collectives with effective leadership

We  promote enterprenuership in women through collective enterprises. Women’s collectives began as an effort of making women aware of their rights. These are spaces where discussions on various socio-cultural and political issues were held, were women explored ways to resist the obstacles to their rights and entitlements and how to build solidarity within the community. 

My land gave me confidence to move on

We are a voluntary organisation having women of the households are the member. Since inception we are giving priority for overall development of their family.

SHG Promotion

This segment, often from the lower income, meets its financial needs through informal sources such as money lenders, traders, family and friends etc. However, these sources have their own limitations.

Women Leadership

Income Generation

The land development work, which is done in convergence with MGNREGS, not only generates employment for the people but also creates sustainable productive assets for the people like farm pond, cultivable land,

SHG Meeting

                                     Our Mission
To work in solidarity with the poor and excluded and       participate in their struggle to eradicate poverty

Socio-Cultural Promotion

Organised  cultural programmes  traditional folk to aware them our rich culture